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Wired Dots
Wired Dots 2018

Wired Dots is a marketplace for Bootstrap 4 templates. The goal was to design and develop a website to allow people to create an account and purchase templates. The website is highly optimized, SEO-friendly and beautiful.

StartupBase 2017

StartupBase is a community of makers and early adopters to share & discuss the latest products and ideas. It's a place to discover and get early access to exciting startups. The goal was to design and develop a website where makers can signup and create their startup listing. It also allows early adopters to sign up and provide constructive feedback to makers.

DomBuck 2017

Domaining is the business of making money with internet domain names. There are millions of domainers in the world. The goal of DomBuck was to create a tool that helps domainers better organize and quickly sell their domain names. It comes with beautiful for-sale landing pages, a customized marketplace website, multiple payment methods and analytics that work perfect together.

Open Milestone
Open Milestone 2017

Open Milestone is a productivity tool that helps startups to increase users engagement with the product and keep them up-to-date with requested features. It allows startups to share product updates, milestones, new features, bug fixes, launch announcements and events with the users to get faster insights.

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